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Dr. Erin Gilbert (Kristen Wiig) and Dr. Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy) are co-authors of a book which posits the existence of paranormal phenomenon such as ghosts. When the book proves unpopular, Gilbert distances herself and eventually becomes a teacher at Columbia University, while Yates continues to study the paranormal at a technical college with eccentric engineer Dr. Jillian Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon). Years later, Gilbert learns the book has been republished, threatening her reputation in academia and her bid for tenure. Gilbert reunites with Yates and, in exchange for getting the book out of publication, agrees to assist Yates and Holtzmann on a paranormal investigation.

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Sophie, an orphaned young girl, lives in a London orphanage. One late evening, she awakes and looks out the window, where she sees an elderly-looking giant. The giant captures her and takes her into Giant Country. There, he explains that Sophie must stay with him for the rest of her life because she saw him and must not be allowed to reveal the existence of giants. The giant introduces himself as the "Big Friendly Giant" (or BFG for short). That night, the BFG gives her a nightmare about her trying to escape, only to be eaten by an even bigger giant.